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Angol hír Újabb rideg időszak következik a kriptovaluták számára? Angol hír Cryptocurrencies, like the indices, managed to erase some of the losses from the weak end of last week.

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At the same time, however, there are growing concerns around a deepening of the declines, which are supported by, among other things, the previously proven 4-year bull market phases of the cryptocurrency market and the macroeconomic environment: On average, halving of the Bitcoin network occurs every 4 years or so.

However, the amount of staked Ether continues to grow.

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The ArkInvest fund interested in investing in Ethereum and Bitcoin pointed to the possible risk of an outflow of investors from the ETH network and a related drop in the token's valuation if the validators who approve transactions in the Proof of Stake system for whatever reason decide to move to another cryptocurrency network.

Analysts compared this risk to the CDO loan products of the crisis and pointed to a systemic threat to the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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Source: Lido The adoption cycle of new technologies according to Geoffrey Moore presented in 'Crossing the chasm', describing 'discontinuous innovations' may indicate that the current phase of the cryptocurrency market is crucial and is on the precipice because 'visionaries' and 'early adopters' want to convince 'pragmatists' to use blockchain technology, which is the crucial and most difficult stage of the adoption cycle.

Discontinuous innovation 'changes the rules of the game' and involves a transformation of the system in this case, the financial systemwhich raises internal and external risks, including the risk of possible blocking of change by some entities central banks ; The vision of a hawkish Fed tightening monetary policy and fears of an economic slowdown caused by high inflation, geopolitical crisis and problems in the supply chains of basic products for the economy, such as food or semiconductors, paralyze investors and have a negative impact on valuations of risky assets; Some investors believed that cryptocurrencies could provide an alternative and hedge against the actions of central banks which are weakening fiat currencies due to loose monetary policy.

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However, recent price reactions show that the cryptocurrency industry is reacting nervously to deteriorating market sentiment. At the same time, however, Bitcoin is still trading above price level from 24th February when Russia's launched its invasion on Ukraine, the price has since behaved 'calmer' than many US tech companies; Because of the influx of institutional investors, the cryptocurrency industry today may be reacting in a way that is uncorrelated with previous cycles, which occurred when the market was 'narrow' and thus vulnerable to manipulation etherum vs bitcoin kereskedés során moves by a few major token holders.

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Cryptocurrencies have surprised investors many times and this time they can do it again by changing the previous 'rhythm' of growth. However, the scenario of deepening declines is still real, because the vision of tightening monetary policy in the U. Bitcoin, D1 interval. The price of BTC etherum vs bitcoin kereskedés során been in a downtrend since November and according to the concept of the line of least resistance sellers theoretically are still in control.

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At the same time, from the beginning of successive local price lows are drawn higher, which may herald an attempt to reverse the trend and etherum vs bitcoin kereskedés során the formation. Ezen marketingkommunikáció a legnagyobb gondossággal, tárgyilagossággal készült, bemutatja azokat a tényeket, amelyek a szerző számára a készítés időpontjában ismertek voltakvalamint mindenféle értékelési elemtől mentes.

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A marketingkommunikáció az Ügyfél igényeinek, az egyéni pénzügyi helyzetének figyelembevétele nélkül készül, és semmilyen módon nem terjeszt elő befektetési stratégiát. A marketingkommunikáció nem minősül semmilyen pénzügyi eszköz eladási, felajánlási, feliratkozási, vásárlási felhívásának, hirdetésének vagy promóciójának.

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Az XTB S. Abban az esetben, ha a marketingkommunikáció bármilyen információt tartalmaz az abban megjelölt pénzügyi eszközökkel kapcsolatos eredményekről, azok nem jelentenek garanciát vagy előrejelzést a jövőbeli eredményekkel kapcsolatban.